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Privacy policy

The privacy policy of the website is located on the domain digismundo.com explains how we collect, process and use the information of our visitors and regular users.

In terms of content, you can find links on our website that point to the services of other companies. In this regard, please, when visiting them, make sure that your private data is protected and that you know how they will use your data.

Keeping your information is very important for our business, but we cannot guarantee its complete security since the data available on the Internet is always compromised in some way.

By visiting our website, you agree to the use of your data by digismundo.com, the domain owner.


    1. Information needed to use the contact form

    When using the contact form, i.e. contacting digismundo.com, enter certain personal data such as name, surname, and e-mail. The only purpose of collecting this data is to fill in the contact form, which results in digismundo.com as the owner of the domain receiving your basic information for further communication

    1. Information we have received from you

    As stated in the previous paragraph, the information received from the provider has the right to use in a way that will result in further communication with the information provider and for other purposes may not be used.

    1. Automatically collected information from visitors

    Because the domain digismundo.com uses the Google Analytics service, data that you knowingly or unknowingly made available on the Internet is automatically collected. It can be information about your gender, age, place of residence, interests, language you speak, internet provider and device you use, and information about how you came to our portal. If you do not want your data to be exposed, please set your privacy in the settings of the internet browser you are using.

    The website digismundo.com uses cookies and similar technologies for faster processing of data from the site, but also to monitor the behaviour of visitors on the same. You can see more about the use of cookies in a special section.


We process and store the attached data to contact you as an information provider to achieve possible business cooperation, or offer you our services as follows:

Provision of services

  • We provide insight into our previous work in the field of IT, web and graphic design.
  • Published works related to IT, web and graphic design are presented with the approval of our clients to better represent our business and expertise.
  • We offer potential clients consulting in the field of IT, web and graphic design.
  • We provide the development of conceptual and main projects in the field of IT, web and graphic design.

Creating a safe environment

  • digismundo.com domain on the Internet is available with the maximum level of security against any type of attack, which is further enhanced by adding SSL certificates
  • We adhere to the rules of use
  • We adhere to our legal obligations
  • We enforce the Terms of Use daily and prevent inappropriate use of our services by users
  • We continuously monitor security trends on the Internet, and we react promptly and implement the highest level of security, which ultimately benefits us, but mostly you as visitors to our site.

Contact – We will contact you during:

  • answers your query
  • in the event of a change in the privacy policy and terms of use, and if we have previously communicated with you through our contact form


  1. The website digismundo.com undertakes never to sell your personal information.
  2. The website digismundo.com may provide your information to courts, police bodies or governmental bodies or authorized third parties, if we are and to the extent that we are legally obliged or legally permitted, or if such disclosure is reasonable. necessary to: (i) comply with our legal obligations, (ii) legal proceedings and respond to requests directed against digismundo.com, (iii) respond to verified requests related to criminal investigations or alleged or suspected illegal activity, or any other activity that may expose us to liability for damage, (iv) enforcing and managing our Terms of Use, or protecting the rights, property or personal safety of digismundo.com, its employees, visitors or members of the public.
  3. Where appropriate, we may notify visitors of such legal claims unless: (i) such notice is prohibited by itself, by court order or applicable law, or (ii) we believe that the notice would be futile, ineffective, create a risk of injury either bodily harm to an individual or group, or create or increase the risk of fraud against or our users. In cases where we comply with legal requirements, without prior notice for any of the above reasons, we will attempt to notify the visitor of the request, once it has been met and when, in good faith, we determine that we are no longer prevented from doing so.
  4. Use of third-party services such as Google, Facebook, and Bing. Some of the third parties will not always come from the European Union where personal data is extremely protected by GDPR and therefore these parties may use your data. digismundo.com undertakes to establish cooperation exclusively with services that are rated as secure on the Internet.
  5. In case of concluding business cooperation, the accumulated statistical data will be presented to business partners. It is important to emphasize that these data do not reveal anyone’s identity.
  6. The website digismundo.com will include advertising services that can access some of your information if a click through our site led you to their services.
  7. In case of transfer of ownership by digismundo.com to another legal entity, digismundo.com undertake to inform all visitors with whom communication has been made via the contact form promptly about any transfers of personal data.
  8. By law and legal regulations, we are obliged to share your information with law enforcement agencies if necessary.


If necessary, the administrator and owner of digismundo.com will review and analyse your communications on digismundo.com or our social networks to prevent potential scams of other visitors, and also improve the overall experience on the web page.


For questions regarding your rights, you can contact us at the e-mail address hello@digismundo.com or via the contact form on our website. Please note that we may ask you for information to verify your authenticity.

When deleting communication with digismundo.com via the contact form, all data is permanently deleted and will not be used for any purpose.

At any time, you have the right to file a complaint against the use of your data with the Personal Data Protection Agency (AZLP BiH).


If you notice that your data has been compromised, misused or stolen, please contact us immediately. We continuously take care of our and your safety and we are committed to making digismundo.com the safest place to use at all times.


If you have any complaints regarding the Privacy Policy, you can contact us at any time via e-mail at hello@digismundo.com, but also the contact form on our website.

Cookie usage policy


A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. For example, cookie webpages remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size, and other display-related preferences), so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you return to a webpage when browsing different pages of a particular website.


  • Session cookies – These are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) when you close your internet browser. We use them to provide access to content and enable things you can do when you visit our website at www.digismundo.com
  • Persistent cookies – usually have an expiration date far in the future and will remain in your browser until they expire or are deleted manually. www.digismundo.com uses persistent cookies for functionalities such as “memory”, which means that every time you visit digismundo.com the content will be automatically displayed and you will save time reading the content of the website. We also use persistent cookies to better understand visitor habits and accordingly improve the site according to user usage patterns. This information is anonymous – we do not see individual visitor data.


Cookies were used to recognize the arrival of visitors to the website, to remember your preferences to improve and provide a personalized user experience, and to track the movement of users on the site to improve access to the requested information.

All data on page navigation is collected through cookies exclusively in summary, using Google Analytics tools. It is important to note that the information collected by Google is anonymized and based on it, neither Google nor we can access the personal data of the visitor.


In some cases used, if you link to other companies, you may access third-party sites over which digismundo.com has no control and is not responsible for their cookies or content policies.

More information about cookies can be found here:


  • To ensure the proper operation of the website
  • Correct display of content
  • Customize the interface such as language selection, device parameters, and screen resolution and type;
  • Improving web pages by anonymizing tracking of users’ movement through pages

We collect data on the movement of users by pages exclusively to place quality content and improve the quality of the website and services, to better understand the needs of visitors and accordingly improve the services and functionalities of our website.

All cookies set by digismundo.com are mandatory.


The use of cookies can be turned off by changing the settings of your Internet browser. How to change the settings of the most common search engines can be found here:


The processing manager is the website digismundo.com, and for additional information, you can contact us at hello@digismundo.com.