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We create digital identities

An adequate approach to a client and its wishes are fundamental for the successful completion of any project.

Creative thinking, intuitive design and the constant pursuit of innovation in the field of informatics are our way of living and working.

This job is the fusion of our personal and professional life. We enjoy every day of our life doing a job we love. Incredible ideas are born when you do what you love.

In short, we are a team of experts and professionals in more or less, any field of informatics. Dedication and approach to the client are what set us apart from anyone else. For every project we work on, we consider it as if it is our own! From that moment, we are totally engaged and really eager to prove our worth and to fulfil every request and wish we consider possible.

The work we are doing is not just a pure copy of similar designs, but a truly creative and inspirational work through which we want to transmit the message of the project appropriately. We talk to each of our clients as much as we need to completely understand what should be the message of the project. Once we are sure that we comprehended the message, we engage ourselves and our thoughts are only focused on the successful completion of the project. 


Our small, yet, effective team

Vedad Karović

CEO and Co-founder

Elma Mehmedić


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